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Our mission is to create a vegan cheese resource that helps people to find alternatives to dairy and animal based cheeses. We created this site so that there is one less excuse to going vegan and planet based, and if you can find a great vegan cheese, then we're doing our job.

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Fermentado de anacardos, un queso vegano artesano, untoso, elaborado con pasta trabada y blanca con vetas azules tirando a verdosas, de sabor muy suave. Nuestro Rock & Blue, es una variedad del Roquefort, se presenta con la corteza de moho azul que le da un toque final potente y persistente en boca, con un interior anaranjado.


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The Kinda Co White Cheddar and Cranberry vegan cheese comes as a 100g block cheese.

Neatly wrapped in paper and packaged environmentally friendly with shredded paper.

The Violife creamy original cheese was bought from Tesco at a price of £2.00. So for a 200g tub thats a £1 for 100g of vegan cheese goodness.

Are you looking for a dairy free or lactose free provolone cheese substitute? You're in the right place.

You may be surprised to find out that there are actually quite a few vegan cheeses which are made out of cashews and have a paste and soft creamy texture to them.

If you're looking for a lactose free cream cheese, dairy free, a replacement cream cheese or even a cream cheese substitute, we look at what options there are available for you today.