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Welcome to, a resource for vegan and plant based cheeses, whether you're taking the first step in to the world of vegan and plant-based cheeses or you're looking for a new favorite, we're sure our discovery tool, guide, directory and news articles can help you in the right direction to vegan cheese heaven. Go discover vegan cheese

Our mission is to create a vegan cheese resource that helps people to find alternatives to dairy and animal based cheeses. We created this site so that there is one less excuse to going vegan and planet based, and if you can find a great vegan cheese, then we're doing our job.

You too can help others go vegan, if you can spare 60 seconds of your time, find the cheeses you've already tried using the cheese discovery page. Then simply rate and write your thoughts on what it was like. You don't have to register and it will take less than a minute. 

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We host the annual vegan cheese awards at the end of every calendar year.

We have been going since 2019 and have awarded over 100 category awards for vegan cheese from all around the world.

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Using our database of 1400+ vegan cheeses, we have created this roulette and by clicking it you will be shown a completely random vegan cheese.

If you want to dig deeper, head on over to our smart vegan cheese discovery tool where you can filter by cheese types, location available. Sort by how well they melt and much more!

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Indulge in the creamiest and most flavorful plant-based cheese you'll ever taste.

If you're looking for a delicious alternative to dairy-based cheese, you've come to the right place. Catalyst Creamery's Dill Havarti Hemp Seed Cheeze is the perfect companion on your plant-based adventure, and it's sure to satisfy your cheese cravings without any compromise on taste.

Latest Vegan Cheese News

Keep up to date on the latest vegan cheese news and articles.

Another awesome looking vegan cheese job is available here in the UK with Purezza.

Purezza are looking for a resturant supervisor and head waiter. 

One Planet Cheesery have announced that they are supplying their dairy free karmasan and mozzabella to the Italian restaurant, Prego in Auckland for their vegan options. 

Brie cheese is another that originates from France and is a soft and creamy dairy cheese made of cows milk.

One of our absolute favourite cheeses to eat is blue cheese and when we went vegan in 2015 we were on a mission to see if blue vegan cheeses existed.

Was Camembert cheese one of your favourites and now that you are vegan or thinking of going plant-based are wondering whether you can still enjoy this dairy cheese?