First Vegan Cheese Makers From Mexico, New Vegan Cheese Brand: Leaf Foods

Leaf Foods

This week, we welcomed new vegan cheese brand, Leaf Foods into our global vegan cheese directory.

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This week, we welcomed new vegan cheese brand, Leaf Foods into our global vegan cheese directory.

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Leaf Foods is based in Mexico and was founded by Luis Felipe Gonzalez, Fernanda Duarte, Jose Antonio Martinez and Jose Carlos Banos.

Made with delicious plant-based ingredients as well as containing B12. Their cheese types include manchego, mozzarella, ranchero and fondue vegan cheeses.

This is the first vegan cheese brand to be added to our global vegan cheese directory made in Mexico.

Leaf Foods say:

"For the Planet: Did you know that to make a kilo of cow's cheese you need 5060 liters of water? ( To make 1kg of LEAF vegan cheese you need about 10%, choose to live in harmony with our planet!

For Health: LEAF is the only vegan cheese in Mexico that contains vitamin B12. In addition, a vegan or plant-based diet will help you feel good. Thanks to the nourishing of plants you will notice improvement in your skin, hair energy levels of your body.

For the Animals: Following a plant-based diet does not encourage cruelty or animal exploitation. Remember, it doesn't cost us anything, and it costs them their lives! So before you ask yourself why if Leaf, better ask yourself, why not?"

We have now added Leaf Foods to the directory and you will now find the following of their vegan cheeses:

Leaf Foods Fondue Vegano 

Leaf Foods Queso Vegano Manchego

Leaf Foods Queso Vegano Manchego Wedge

Leaf Foods Queso Vegano Ranchero

Leaf Foods Queso Vegano Mozzarella

Their brand page in the directory can be found here:

Vegan Cheese by the Brand Leaf Foods

You'll find links to their own website and social pages:

Queso Vegano y otros productos basados en Plantas - LEAF (

Leaf Foods (@leaf.foods)

Leaf.foods | Facebook


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