Guide to Vegan Cheddar Cheese in the UK

vegan cheddar cheeses available in the UK

Looking for a vegan cheddar cheese that you can get in the UK? Well, look no further, we're here to guide you through the choices available to everyone in the United Kingdom that can be bought today.

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Looking for a vegan cheddar cheese that you can get in the UK? Well, look no further, we're here to guide you through the choices available to everyone in the United Kingdom that can be bought today.

Before we get going, if you didn't know, here at we have the biggest database of vegan cheese anywhere online. We are continually welcoming new vegan cheeses that can be bought in store or online and we add it to our vegan cheese finder tool. We use this data in articles and guides like this to help people like yourself find new favourite vegan cheeses.

So if you ever find yourself thinking you'd like to try a new vegan cheese, make sure to check that tool out!

Back to cheddar, which is one of our favourite families of cheese, we will always have one or two blocks in our fridge ready to nibble on or use with a meal we might be making. So we are super happy to be creating this guide to share with you all about the amazing cheddar vegan cheeses you can try today.

Lets give you sneak peak in to just how many cheddar vegan cheeses there are in the UK available to you to try and buy today. This number below is taken directly from our one of a kind discovery tool, so thats exactly how many plant-based cheddar cheeses we've found available in the UK that you can buy today and that we've then added to our database.


vegan cheddar cheeses
in the UK

We bet you didn't think there were really that many vegan cheddar cheeses available to buy in the UK.

Even when we started this site in 2019, we thought we'd be collating a database of maybe a few hundred vegan cheeses from around the world, now we're looking at a few hundred available in the UK alone.

In case you're thinking how is this possible and where are they all, we get this data from our vegan cheese database that we continually update and you can see all vegan cheddar cheeses from the UK right here.

Below we shall continue to break down where these cheeses are found, who are making them, what types of cheddar are there, what they are made of and so much more.


supermarket cheddar vegan cheeses
in the UK

Summary of Vegan Cheddar Cheese in the UK

We absolutely love creating these super duper data packed guides to vegan cheese and this one is no different.

But if you are just looking for a few quick answers, we'll highlight the biggest points right here for you.

In terms of vegan cheddar cheese, there are

vegan cheddar cheeses available to buy today in the United Kingdom.

of those vegan cheddar cheeses can be bought in supermarkets in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

And of that total,

of them are made by artisans and more commonly known as nut cheeses and can be bought direct from their websites or ordered to pick up from them and even be found in local health food stores.

If there is a specific bit of info you are looking for, make sure to check out the table of contents links at the top of this guide, they'll send you right to the section that might have the answers you are looking for.

And if we don't answer your vegan cheese querie right here, make sure to head to our vegan cheese finder and that should be able to help you find a new favourite vegan cheese today.


Supermarket and Artisanal Vegan Cheddar Cheese

As you can see from the number we have pulled from our database above, almost two thirds of the vegan cheddar cheeses available to buy in the UK today are being sold in supermarkets across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

You may be well aware of the mass produced supermarket vegan cheeses in the UK, and that there are a decent handful of vegan cheddar choices in UK supermarkets.

You have maybe even tried some of them, from Violife Epic Block, through to the newer Cathedral City Plant Based Cheddar Block.



They all sort of look a little bit like the photo above, here you can see the Koko Alternative to Cheddar vegan cheese which is like many of the other supermarket and mass produced cheddars you can buy today.

These vegan cheese blocks are mostly made of coconut oil and starches, but they can taste great, most will melt well too, but they're not the healthiest of choices.

But did you know that there are also many different artisanal and craft vegan cheddar cheeses that are lovingly made in smaller batches by amazing vegan cheeses makers from around the UK?



Above you can see the Wild Root Farmhouse which is an alternative to cheddar cheese made by Wild Root.

The biggest difference you'll find with mass produced supermarket vegan cheeses and artisanal options are that the mass produced will more than likely use more processed ingredients whilst the artisanal cheddar vegan cheeses will use more whole food ingredients with many of them also being aged.

Below you can see just how many artisanal vegan cheddar cheeses there are available in the United Kingdom today to buy.


artisanal vegan cheddar cheeses
in the UK

List of Artisanal Vegan Cheddar Cheeses

If you're looking for something new and have tried most if not all of the supermarket offerings, then artisanal vegan cheese is where you should be looking.

When people say they have tried all of the vegan cheeses available, they often just mean supermarket brands.

Very rarely have they also tried the many options they can get from artisans making loving and tasty, even healthy vegan cheese from around their own country.

If you haven't heard of artisanal vegan cheese, it can sometimes be called nut based vegan cheese, but artisans, who are sometimes even ex-dairy cheese makes who have gone vegan, use all sorts of main ingredients, like we've listed above, to make their amazing vegan cheeses.

They are always experimenting and most even use normal cheese making processes and age their vegan cheeses and we can attest, there are some absolutely amazing artisanal vegan cheeses available to buy.



Above is a fine example of what an artisanal vegan cheese looks like.

Below we list every single vegan cheddar that is available to buy today from artisans all around the United Kingdom.

With most of the artisanal vegan cheeses listed below you will be able to order them online through their own online shops. If not, most will either be able to be bought and then picked up locally or will be available to buy from a stockist that they supply.

Cheddar Nut Cheeses in the UK

So if there is an artisanal vegan cheddar that takes your fancy from the list below then we're sure you'll be able to get your hands on it. If you head to the vegan cheese product page you are interested in, we also share links to local stockists so you can see if they stock any shops local to you so you can pick them up.

We'd like to point out that this list is also not definite, it comes directly from our one of a kind online database of vegan cheese. As we add and update the database with new vegan cheeses, if we are to add a new artisanal vegan cheddar that is available in the UK, it will automatically appear here, so this list will always be up to date with what is readily available.

Or you can just head on over to our vegan cheese finder tool and filter by artisanal vegan cheddar cheeses available in the UK and refine, search and sort in a myriad of ways to find your next favourite vegan cheese.

Main Ingredients of Vegan Cheddar Cheese from the UK

If you're interested in what are the main ingredients used in vegan cheddar cheeses, we have a cool graph to show you.

This graph shows us the main ingredients used in all of the cheddar vegan cheeses we have in our database.

Each ingredient then counts how many of the cheddar cheeses use that as it's main ingredient.

At the time of writing you should expect the following main ingredients used:

  • Coconut oil
  • Starches
  • Cashew nuts
  • Almond nuts
  • Oats
  • Palm oil
  • Rice
  • Soy
  • Yeast

These are just some of, but not all the main ingredients used in vegan cheeses, but these are the most popular when it comes to making vegan cheddar.

Supermarket Vegan Cheddar Ingredients

This graph also shows us which ingredient is used more frequently than others in supermarket vegan cheddar.

As you would have guessed, coconut oil is the main ingredient used in most vegan cheddar cheeses which are sold by supermarkets.

The other ingredients you see in the graph below will be used in cream and soft vegan cheddar cheeses as they do better in softer forms.


Artisanal Vegan Cheddar Ingredients

With this data below we get a really good idea of the difference between the supermarket vegan cheddars above and what artisans are using to make their vegan cheddar cheeses.

There is a stark contrast when it comes to the main ingredient used and why a lot of artisanal vegan cheeses will be called nut cheeses.

Because of the difference, there are differences in properties and what the vegan cheeses are good for. Coconut oil is used as it helps the cheeses melt, but the nut based ones are healthier and chosen because of their protein content which also helps them age.

Which Supermarkets Sell Vegan Cheddar Cheese in UK

You should be able to find vegan cheddar cheese in the following UK supermarkets.

  • ASDA
  • Tesco
  • Morrisons
  • Sainsburys
  • Aldi
  • Lidl
  • Waitrose
  • M&S
  • Co-op

Literally every single supermarket in the United Kingdom will see a variety of vegan cheeses, including a cheddar style.



You will be able to get a hold of the main brands, Violife or Cathedral City in most but a lot will also sell their own brand cheddar vegan cheeses. Above will be a recognisable vegan cheese that you'll see in most UK supermarkets, the Violife Epic Mature which is a cheddar flavoured block of vegan cheese.

With the following, Waitrose, Marks & Spencers and Co-op who do not sell their own branded vegan cheese.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in ASDA

Asda have a decent vegan cheese offering in their chilled section.

As well as selling main brands that you'll find in most supermarkets, such as Violife and Cathedral City, Asda also sell their own brand vegan cheese which is called the Free From range.

You can see the cheddars that they make and sell themselve's.

So if you are ever requiring a vegan cheddar and you have an Asda store nearby, here are some of their own brand choices that you'll have.


Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Tesco

Tesco is one of our main go-tos when doing our weekly shop and Tesco have a fantastic range of vegan cheese on offer.

As well as selling many different brands of plant-based cheese, they also have their own cheddar range which you can see below.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Morrisons

The vegan cheese range at Morrisons is one of the worst when it comes to supermarkets in the UK, with only Lidl and Aldi behing them in how many options you can find on their shelves.

Still, they have a number of vegan cheddar options and some of those that they make themselves can be seen below.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Sainsburys

Another great supermarket to find vegan cheese, they have their own brand vegan cheeses which also include a cheddar style block.

Obviously, like the other UK supermarkets they sell the bigger mass produced brands but also have their own cheeses too.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in ALDI

In Aldi they sell their vegan cheese under the name Plant Menu, this is their own band vegan cheese.

For Christmas you can get selection boxes which are similar to other coconut based vegan cheeses you can find in other supermarkets.

But for the rest of the year you have the options of just a couple of vegan cheeses, fortunately they have vegan cheddar in block and grated form.

This is our closest supermarket and we always use the Plant Menu cheeses because they are affordable and work with most meals we make, from grating on to a pizza, to adding in to sandwiches, we really enjoy them.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Lidl

If Lidl is your go to supermarket of choice, then you'll be happy to hear that they do have vegan cheddar cheese options for you to try.

Lidl sell their own brand vegan cheeses under the brand name Vemondo, and you get cheddar style block and grated cheeses at Lidl.

Below you can see the options they have. These are usually the only vegan cheeses you can get in Lidl as they only sell other brands once or twice a year at veganuary or other special occasions.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Waitrose

Waitrose have the average number of vegan cheese options on their shelves instore but they do not sell any of their own branded vegan cheddar.

As well as the usual Violife options and other known brands, Waitrose have done one thing no other supermarket has yet to do.

They are now selling artisanal vegan cheeses in select stores in the south of England.

You can now buy La Fauxmagerie vegan cheeses in a handful of their stores and some of these options include vegan cheddar, so if you're close by, make sure to give them a try.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Ocado

Ocado aren't like the other supermarkets listed here, they are an online store only, so you have to first register with them through their website and then make your orders online.

Everything you order is delivered to your door using their van delivery service.

But one thing they have going for them is their huge range of vegan cheeses. At the time of writing they have over 35 vegan cheese options to choose from that you can buy today with Ocado selling 10 different cheddar based vegan cheeses.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in Health Food Stores

If you have any smaller stores near you, especially health food stores, there is a good chance that they will stock vegan cheese.

Like the other large supermarkets, we have always found big brand coconut based vegan cheeses in health food stores, like Violife, but been pleasantly surprised to find that they also stock artisanal vegan cheeses made by cheese makers who may be local to the store.

If you have any local to you, give them a call to see if they have any cheddar options.

The Best Vegan Cheddar in the UK

Here we have the best vegan cheddar cheeses you can get in the UK that have won a category award in our yearly vegan cheese awards.

If you didn't know, every single vegan cheese in our database can be rated in various ways and reviewed, which helps others find new favourites and see whats good and whats not.

As well as that, we run an annual vegan cheese awards at the end of each year. All the vegan cheeses that do well that year and get good reviews and ratings get automatically nominated in to our annual awards and then the public, like yourself can vote on their favourite vegan cheeses.

Those listed below have won category awards in previous years for the cheddar category.


Average: 7.2 (38 votes)
Best Cheddar Vegan Cheese of 2023
Average: 7.7 (18 votes)

When to Use Vegan Cheddar

There are an abundant amount of ways you can use vegan cheddar on your meals, we use this type of cheese almost daily in our cooking.

It can be eaten raw, we do this all the time as we are cooking and always have a nibble on the cheese we are going to use with the meal we are making.

It can be used as a topping, the classics in the UK are beans on toast, with a healthy sprinkling of cheddar cheese on top. Don't forget beans on a jacket potato, filling the spud with cheddar cheese and a light dosing on top of the beans always leads to an amazing meal.



There is the infamous grilled cheese or cheese toastie and vegan cheddar is always the first to get called up for such a meal.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese That Melts

What if you are looking for a vegan cheese that melts well and a cheddar.

Here you can see some of the best vegan cheddar cheeses that melt. You can even search for vegan cheeses that melt using our vegan cheese finder tool and sort by their melting score.

This list of cheeses below are live from our database and updated as cheeses get ratings from website visitors.

The star ratng that you see below each vegan cheese is that of their overall rating and you can see how well they have been rated for their melting characteristics by going on to their individual pages and checking out their melting rating there, along with their other ratings they have also received.

Average: 8.4 (8 votes)
Average: 9 (3 votes)
Average: 9 (20 votes)
Average: 10 (8 votes)
Best Cheddar Vegan Cheese of 2023
Average: 7.7 (18 votes)
Average: 7.1 (8 votes)

Make Your Own Vegan Cheddar Cheese

If you are finding it hard to get a vegan cheddar cheese near you, maybe there aren't any local stockists or they are out of stock, you always have the option of making your own.

Maybe it's something you haven't thought about before, but there is a whole world of vegan cheese making goodness for you to explore.

Just like our vegan cheese finder tool, we also have a vegan cheese recipe finder tool as well.



And just like our vegan cheese finder tool, we continually update the recipe database so that there are always new and awesome vegan cheeses for you to make at home.

Here we have filtered to show you just vegan cheddar cheese recipes. Have a look through these to see if any tickle your fancy, you'll be surprised at how quickly you can make them and with such few ingredients.

And if you find that you really do enjoy making your own vegan cheese at home, we have a guide to the best vegan cheese recipe books you can buy today.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese Snacks

Maybe you're just looking for some lovely little vegan cheddary snacks to fit in to a packed lunch or take with you on a hike.

Below are a list of cheddar cheeses that come in snack form so that you can carry them with you and have whenever you might need.

At the moment there are only a small number of options but as we add more vegan cheeses to the database, if any of them are both cheddar and come in snack form, they will automatically appear here.

Allergen and Dietary Requirements

Are you looking for a vegan cheddar but have dietary requirements beyond veganism, hopefully we can help you with that.

If you haven't yet had a chance to look at our vegan cheese database which has almost 500 vegan cheeses in the UK alone, we can help you find vegan cheeses that comply with other dietary requirements you might have.

Here we have filtered the database to show UK vegan cheddar cheeses and that you can further refine the results.

With the allergens filter on the left you can use that to narrow down your results further to find vegan cheeses that work for you. We have many diet and allergens listed as we categorise all of them from the info provided by the creators of each vegan cheese.

This means that you can search for vegan cheddar cheeses in the UK that are also wheat free, or gluten free, or nut free or even palm oil free and so on.

Vegan Cheddar Cheese in the UK High in Protein

Maybe you don't have any other dietary requirements but are looking for specific nutritional requirements, such as protein.

As well as the dietary categories that the cheese makers list on their cheeses, we also add the nutritional info too.

You can use the table below to sort the vegan cheddars by how much protein they have, whether you are looking for a high protein vegan cheddar.

You'll find that those with the highest protein are those that lean towards a more whole food ingredients and use nuts as their main ingredient.


Healthy Vegan Cheddar Cheeese

Are you looking to improve your health but still see if you can have vegan cheese?

Not to worry, many hundreds of them in our database are made with completely whole food plant ingredients, with very little processing done to them and zero processed ingredients included.

Below we have queried the vegan cheese finder tool to show vegan cheddar cheese from the UK that is made with wholefood ingredients only.

And if you want to look for other health vegan cheeses, you can use the tool to filter by ingredients composition and choose the wholefood plants option to be shown the healthiest vegan cheeses you can buy.

You will also have the option of filtering for vegan cheeses with wholefood ingredients and some minimally processed  ingredients.

How Many Calories in Vegan Cheddar Cheese in the UK

Are you looking for vegan cheddar cheese with specific calorie requirements, this table should help.

It lists all of the cheddar vegan cheeses but we've added a sortable column so that you can choose to see which have the most calories per 100 grams and which have the least calories per 100 grams.

Perfect if you are looking to still enjoy a plant-based cheddar but are trying to stick to a certain calorie limit or if you're looking for the most calorie dense cheddar you can find.


Title Rating Calories per 100 grams
Kinda Co Farmhouse Kinda Co Farmhouse
Average: 8 (19 votes)
531 calories /100grams

Complete List of Vegan Cheddar Cheese Available in the UK

Maybe you just want to see a complete list of cheddar cheeses you can get in the United Kingdom, well, look no further.

This table lists every single vegan cheese available in the UK that is the cheddar type.

Title Rating
Applewood Vegan Minis Applewood Vegan Minis
Average: 9 (3 votes)
Nourish Good Food 24 Karat Vegan Cheese Nourish Good Food 24 Karat Vegan Cheese
Average: 7 (5 votes)
Cathedral City Plant-Based Spreadable Mature Cheddar Flavour Spread Cathedral City Plant-Based Spreadable Mature Cheddar Flavour Spread
Average: 7 (1 vote)
Cathedral City Plant-Based Extra Mature Flavour Block Cathedral City Plant-Based Extra Mature Flavour Block
Average: 7 (1 vote)
Ilchester Melting Mature Vegan Cheese Slices Ilchester Melting Mature Vegan Cheese Slices
Average: 7 (1 vote)
M&S Plant Kitchen Mature Cheddar Vegan Cheese Slices M&S Plant Kitchen Mature Cheddar Vegan Cheese Slices
Average: 7 (1 vote)
Sheese Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli Vegan Cheese Slices Sheese Cheddar Style with Jalapeno & Chilli Vegan Cheese Slices
Average: 7 (2 votes)
Violife Cheddarton Vegan Cheese Violife Cheddarton Vegan Cheese
Average: 6.2 (5 votes)
ALT Farms Plant-Based Cheddar ALT Farms Plant-Based Cheddar
Average: 9.3 (3 votes)

Vegan Dairy Cheddar Cheese

At the time of writing, vegan dairy is making big leaps and there are many companies working on the progress of vegan casein and whey to then create vegan dairy cheese using the same processes as dairy cheese makers.

We're including this section to the guide as we will be including these vegan dairy cheese options in the future.

There are currently a handful of vegan cheeses made in this process, using precision fermentation to create the proteins they use for cheese making, and its all vegan.

We'll make sure to update this section as and when new developments arise.

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