Help Vtopian Cheese Bounce Back From Hard Times

Help Vtopian Cheese Bounce Back From Hard Times

Vtopians assemble! The vegan cheese maker Vtopian need our help.

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Vtopians assemble! The vegan cheese maker Vtopian need our help.

After being let down by an account they had and being forced to move premises, things have been stacking up against them, let alone having to manage a business through covid.

Here is a short breakdown of what the issues is from their Instagram.

I’ve never intended to get this real with you all on an instagram post. It feels a little embarrassing because even though I’m a small Portland biz I sell my cheese nation wide. But here is goes:

Problem after problem after problem. It mostly started when we had to move out of our kitchen because it had been sold to be demolished to become apartments. You know when you move into a new apartment or house you have to pay first and last and deposit. Well moving into a new kitchen, that has less things than a house, is five times more expensive.

Then I had to add more power to it to run our robot coupe to make cheese. I got that done but then our biggest account dropped us without any notice. They claim to care about small local businesses, but they don’t. It’s just a show for a moment of time. Those things set me back pretty far and it’s been hard to catch up. I have a beautiful kitchen/store front begging to be seen by the Portland community but need some funds to set it up.

I want to provide a cozy, cute, colorful place for you to not only get all 40+ of our cheese flavors in one spot but to also eat a nourishing organic meal at an affordable price on days when all other vegan restaurants are closed. Haha but for reallllll! I hope you can help me get to my goal. I know shit is going down right now for almost everyone but even a share or just a like will bring my spirits up.
Gofundme link is in our stories.

Here is the link to their gofundme:

They are looking to raise $12,000 to finish setting up the front vegan cheese deli and update existing electrical work on the new kitchens they are working from to create their amazing vegan cheeses.

More information can be seen on their gofundme linked above.

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