New Vegan Cheese Brand from Italy: Laboratorio di Dexter

Laboratio di Dexter

This week, we welcomed new vegan cheese brand, Laboratorio di Dexter into our global vegan cheese directory.

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This week, we welcomed new vegan cheese brand, Laboratorio di Dexter into our global vegan cheese directory.

Laboratorio di Dexter, is a plant-based cheese brand based in Romagnano Sesia, Italy. 

Founded by Federico after graduating from hotel school and having made several experiences in the world of catering, he realized his dream was to produce vegetable alternatives to dairy cheese. 

Laboratorio di Dexter vegan cheese uses a simple, wholesome number of ingredients with a particular base of organic cashews. 

Federico says:

"Convinced that the extraordinary comes from small things here are the 3 reasons that have completely changed my lifestyle:

  • SAVING the ENVIRONMENT: the decidedly lower impact that plant cultivation has on the planet compared to intensive animal husbandry.
  • EMPATHY TOWARDS ANIMALS: making an animal live in a few square centimeters by stuffing it with antibiotics to avoid diseases and infections is barbaric and cruel.
  • HEALTH: Becoming vegetarian is a good reason to embrace a healthier diet.

My products are aimed at everyone but especially at people like me who opt for a U-turn towards more ethical and sustainable consensus, both in terms of environmental impact and well-being for all. "

Six vegan cheese products of Laboratorio di Dexter have been added to our Global Vegan Cheese Directory these are:

Laboratorio di Dexter Fort - Vegetable alternative to Roquefort-style cheese, with an intense flavor and a compact crust.

Laboratorio di Dexter Bert - Vegetable alternative to Camembert-style cheese, light, creamy and delicate.

Laboratorio di Dexter Maragià - Vegetable alternative to Camembert-style cheese, with an oriental flavour with the addition of a mix of exotic curry spices, balanced and pleasant on the palate.

Laboratorio di Dexter Mediterraneo - Vegetable alternative to Camembert-style cheese, with an intense and harmonious flavour where the herbaceous notes of oregano and the slight acidity of the tomato stand out.

Laboratorio di Dexter Provenza - Vegetable alternative to spreadable cheese, with the typical flavour of Provençal aromatic herbs.

Laboratorio di Dexter Tartufo - Vegetable alternative to spreadable cheese, flavoured with truffles.


The link to their brand page in the directory is here:

Vegan Cheese by the Brand Laboratorio di Dexter

You'll find links to their own website and social pages:

Dexter Laboratory ( 

Laboratorio di Dexter | Facebook

We implore you to go and try the vegan cheeses he is now producing and return by giving them a star rating and review to help others find new vegan cheeses.

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