Scotland Vegan Cheese Maker's Winning Best Vegan Cheese of 2021 in Public Vote

2021 vegan cheese awards winner left coast culture

If you didn't see our previous post, we recently shared the votes and news about the best vegan cheeses of 2021.

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If you didn't see our previous post, we recently shared the votes and news about the best vegan cheeses of 2021. This was after a month of open voting on the site where each and every single vegan cheese in our database was included in the years awards and having the potential to be voted a winner or runner-up of over 20 vegan cheese categories.

Best Vegan Cheese of 2021

Out of 1400 vegan cheese's to choose from, the public from around the globe voted Left Coast Culture Nozza Mozza the Best Vegan Cheese of 2021. We are going to delve into all about this vegan cheese and why it could be so popular...



The Nozza Mozza vegan cheese is made in the Highlands of Scotland, by Left Coast Culture and is run by Ella Clarke.

Originally from Canada, Ella moved to the beautiful Highlands of Scotland with her partner back in 2018 where their love affair with the wonderful landscape began. 

What a beautiful combo, the highlands of Scotland and vegan cheese, what could be better!?

Ingredients that make up the Nozza Mozza are: organic unsweetened soya milk, tapioca starch, organic refined coconut oil, kappa-carrageenan, lactic acid powder, pink Himalayan salt.

Thats right, the winner of this years voting is a soya based vegan cheese!

Our Own Review of this Amazing Vegan Cheese

Here at VeganCheese.Co we had the pleasure to try this particular delight of an alternative to mozzarella back in October 2020.

We have to say we were pleasantly surprised by how similar in texture to a dairy like mozzarella it is. With it's creamy, yet bouncy mozzarella like firmness (you can find our full in-house review here- Vegan Cheese Review of Left Coast Culture Nozza Mozza)


This is a cheese that ticks the box for giving you that mozzarella feel as well as it's versatility to be eaten raw tossed in a salad or it can be melted to create a cheesy vegan pizza or a grilled cheese on toast with a little browning on the top.

What more could you want for a mozzarella alternative!



Left Coast Culture actually took home three awards in this year's 2021 Vegan Cheese Awards. Their Nozza Mozza also took the award for best Mozzarella. 


And their Left Coast Culture Highland Havarti took the award for Best Havarti Vegan Cheese of 2021



Left Coast Culture have focused solely on creating plant-based cheese from 2019.

We know that Left Coast Culture are actually very busy at the moment with their expansion plans which include: train up new staff members, scaling up production to meet their growing demand for their vegan cheese, even more environmentally friendly packaging , enable them to launch their online shop as well as outfitting a horse trailer for events and even more. 


                                                                    Picture credit to Left Coast Culture and their Indiegogo)

To help Left Coast Culture continue to create vegan cheese of exceptional quality and even bring new vegan cheese to their range. Check out their Indigogo page below:

Left Coast Culture: The next chapter | Indiegogo


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