Vegan Cheese Christmas Hampers in the UK and when to Order By

vegan christmas cheese hamper options uk

Vegan cheese and Christmas go so well together, and if you are vegan or looking for dairy free cheeses this year, not only do you have a great selection from supermarkets and artisans, but there are a number of vegan Christmas hampers you can order to enjoy.

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Vegan cheese and Christmas go so well together, and if you are vegan or looking for dairy free cheeses this year, not only do you have a great selection from supermarkets and artisans, but there are a number of vegan Christmas hampers you can order to enjoy.

If you are looking for a Christmas hamper this year to either gift or enjoy yourself, we've scoured the internet and our one of a kind vegan cheese database to see who has created and selling beautiful vegan cheese hampers this year.

We've already gone through limited edition Christmas cheese that has been made just for this occassion and available in the UK, so if you are looking for just one or two vegan cheeses, make sure to check that out.

Below are 10 Christmas hampers available to buy in the UK but be aware the date to buy the hampers by may vary and you'll most likely need to request a delivery slot for such a delicious Christmas treat.

But don't worry, if you can't wait around too long and some of the hampers will be delivered earlier in December, you can always freeze your vegan cheeses and defrost a few days before you want to enjoy them.


La Fauxmagerie's The Christmas Banquet


Dine in style this Christmas with our Christmas Banquet (basket not included), packed with our most mouthwatering cheeses and artisanal accompaniments.

Featuring their bestselling, Camemvert and Brixton Blue along with firm favourites such as the Nerominded and festive White Cheddar Cranberry. Including the You Say Tomayto, with the Kimcheeze and finishing off with Miners Threat. 

You will get a total of 11 amazing vegan cheeses from not just La Fauxmagerie but I AM NUT OK, Honestly Tasty, Palace Culture, Kinda Co and Strictly Roots Vegan too.

The cheese is accompanied by La Fauxmagerie's Fig and Plum Chutney and Miller's Harvest Three Seed Crackers and Damsel Charcoal Wafers.

This hamper will be sent out between the 18th and 21st of December and you can order right here.


Nourish Good Food Mistletoe Christmas Selection (Order by the 28th November 2023)



The ultimate Christmas selection; ideal for large gatherings; there's something for everyone!

Large wedges of Ruby, Sundried tomato, Fudge & Pecan, Apricot & Thyme, Quince & Malbec mini wheel (240 grams), 2 large wedges of choice (add a note with your wedge choices during checkout, please.)

If you're looking for something a little smaller, Nourish Good Food are doing a Christmas hamper with 5 vegan cheese choices in it from their range of vegan cheeses.

Find out more here


Honestly Tasty's The Ultimate Christmas Collection



Being the largest of a choice of four plant-based cheese Christmas hampers, this one pulls out all the stops, it's called ultimate for a reason!

With three exclusive limited edition cheeses, Lemon and dill, Smoked Good-A and Pretenslydale. Aswell as Willicroft Fondue, there is bound to be something you enjoy in this Christmas offering from Honestly Tasty.

The following vegan cheeses are included:


And not only that, but you get some amazing charcuterie offerings with it as well, it really is the ultimate Christmas vegan cheese hamper.

  • Love Raw Nutty Balls
  • Peters Yard Sea Salt Crackers
  • Wonky's Tangy Onion Relish
  • Faux Butcher's Deli Style Meat
  • Canned Wine Co and even more!

Find out more here


The Vegan Witch's Holiday Hamper (Order by 1st December 2023)



This consists of our best products and a season special you can get ONLY in this hamper:

Smoked Hemp Ricotta - A delicous semi soft ch**se that can be enjoyed as the filling for your ravioli, served on crackers, or crumbled on your salad.

The hamper includes:

  • 200gr of 'Vduja
  • 250gr Spookyrella (mozzarella)
  • 100gr Hemp Ricotta
  • 100gr Smoked Hemp Ricotta (Xmas Special)
  • 100gr Pinkorino Spread
  • 50gr Herborino 
  • 50gr Smokerino
  • 50gr Pinkorino
  • FREE 200gr TVW Parmigiano 

All products are made to order to have zero waste. Order by 1st December!

Hampers will be ready 12th-14th December.

Find out more here


Kinda Co Magnificent Christmas Cheese Selection

All Christmas Pre-orders will be delivered 5-6th December. 



The Ultimate treat - total cheese heaven! The Magnificent has everything you need to fill your cheese loving heart this Christmas.

The Magnificent Christmas Cheese Selection contains:

  • Farmhouse Block 120g
  • Garlic + Herb Block 120g
  • Cranberry Block 120g
  • *Limited Edition* Rosemary, Garlic + Black Pepper 120g 
  • Smoked Block 120g
  • Blue Block 120g 
  • Chilli Block 120g
  • Truffle Block 120g
  • Nacho Dip 200g
  • Lemon + Dill Creamy Spread 130g

More info and order here.





The ALL I WANT MEGA EPIC Box: includes 17 products 13 cheezes including exclusively the new release +2 crackers + 1 surprise  new release cheeze + 1 free Vegan Hunny: 

Herbivore (approx 180 -200 grams wheel), 1  Cashewmbert (190-200 grams wheel of our mild cashew based classic), 1 Blu (180-200 grams wheel), 1 Goudie (130-150 grams slice), 1 Smoky (120-130 grams slice), 1 Natale (our Christmas special with cranberries, 150 grams slice) , 1 Cashewrella (120 -130 grams slice), 1 Truffled (120 grams slice) , and our most popular spread, The Melty (190 grams jar), 1 Truffled Blu+ (190 grams jar), 1 Peppembert ( Christmas Special),  1 Rawmesan  + 1 Halloushmi  + 1 Vegan Hunny 

More information and order here.


Ospalla Christmas Cheese Board (Order by 16th December 2023)


You will get 5 mini hand crafted fermented nut cheeses made by Ospalla in their Christmas selection hamper and delivered directly to your door.

  • Cashew- Smoked salt and black sesame
  • Cashew- Umiboshi & nori
  • Almond – Turmeric & pink pepper
  • Macadamia – Cranberry & thyme
  • Sunflower seed – Herby garlic roulade

Ospalla have one of the most affordable Christmas hamper boxes available in all of the vegan cheese offerings and you can order and find more info here.


Mouse's Favourite Selection Box



You will get three amazing Christmas special edition vegan cheeses from Mouse's Favourite, along with a chutney, flatbread crackers and organic oatcakes.

Perfect for an evening with friends or even to indulge by yourself, we're salivating thinking about it!

Cheeses you will get are:

  • Cranbelina
  • Cranbrie
  • Limoncello Cheese/

And extras include:

  • Apricot Chutney
  • Seggiano Flatbread Crackers
  • Organic Oatcakes

Find out more and order here.


I AM NUT OK Deluxe Artisan Vegan Cheese Bundle



Cheesemas is coming with our festive bundle pre-orders! Order our Deluxe Bundle for the ultimate vegan cheeseboard experience.

What’s inside? 15 items, worth over £85 for only £75 including free shipping!

Includes seasonal specials and limited edition items along with some of our favourite artisan food products:

  • MinerThreat - Smoky Charcoal Wedge
  • NeroMinded - Black Truffle Wedge
  • G.O.A.T. - Italian Herb Wedge
  • PapaRica - Cheddary Paprika Wedge
  • Umami Bomb - Smoky Sharp Wedge
  • CrackOn - Cracked Black Pepper Log
  • Rosemary & Sea Salt Cultured Butter
  • Foiegeddaboutit - Truffle & Mushroom Pate
  • Ho, Ho, Ho, Grate! - Sage & Onion Grated Italian Cheese Alternative
  • Milano Salame - Vegan Salami Slices
  • Yuzu Mustard - Japanese Citrus Infused Mustard
  • Cocktail Mix - Pickled Onion, Olives, Pickles, Peppers
  • Sticky Onion and Jalapeno Chutney - Made in Devon from British Grown Produce
  • Peter’s Yard Sourdough Crackers
  • Perello Artisan Sesame and Salt Crackers

Find out more here


Pips Festive Gift Basket



Last but not least, one of our favourite vegan cheese makers, Pips has made the perfect gift for the vegan cheese lover who has everything! Includes:

  • 2 full sized Cascheeses
  • a box of artisan crackers,
  • a jar of our stunning locally sourced chutney, and
  • a block of one of our limited edition festive No Udder Butters.

Sending as a gift? We can include a handwritten note on your behalf, just let us know the message when you make your order. 

Find out more here


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