Vegan Cheese From Wales

Vegan Cheese From Wales

Are you looking for vegan cheese made and sold in Wales? Worry no longer as we fill you in on all of the amazing vegan cheese options you can find in this small but beautiful country!

Did you know that one of the most common known cheese meals in Wales is that of the Welsh Rarebit, it's basically cheese on toast that is grilled.

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Are you looking for vegan cheese made and sold in Wales? Worry no longer as we fill you in on all of the amazing vegan cheese options you can find in this small but beautiful country!

Did you know that one of the most common known cheese meals in Wales is that of the Welsh Rarebit, it's basically cheese on toast that is grilled.

Some recipes simply melt grated cheese on toast, making it identical to cheese on toast. Others make the sauce of cheese, ale, and mustard, and garnished with cayenne pepper or paprika. Other recipes add wine or Worcestershire sauce. he sauce may also blend cheese and mustard into a béchamel sauce.

In Welsh it's known as caws pobi and if you would like to know a little more, cheese in Welsh is Caws.

The beauty of it is, you can use whatever cheese you want, most commonly a sauce is made or a yellow cheese, but there are more than enough incredible cheeses from Wales below which would work perfectly on toast.


Vegan Cheeses Available in Wales

Below you can see the total number of vegan cheeses available for you to buy and try in Wales.

There are well over 500 vegan cheeses available to buy in Wales today and that might seem like a lot, and it is.

This is due to the location and country, Wales is connected to England and Scotland, which means they share the same supermarkets, the artisanal vegan cheese sellers who sell online can also post their vegan cheeses between the countries as they all use the same postal service, the Royal Mail.

How do we know there are so many vegan cheeses available to buy in Wales? The answer is simple!

We've been slowly building the biggest database of vegan cheese anywhere online, when we find new vegan cheeses you can buy, we add it to the database.

We tag and categorise the vegan cheeses in a number of ways and when we categorise them as available in the United Kingdom and Wales, they'll appear here below automatically.

If you're looking for a specific vegan cheese and you're in the UK, head to the database and you can filter the cheeses, amongst other filters, to show you whats available.


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Vegan Cheeses Made in Wales

If you are looking for vegan cheese that is specifically made in Wales, you can see below how many are made.

Compared to the rest of the United Kingdom, there aren't that many vegan cheeses being made directly in Wales, but that doesn't mean there aren't great choices.

We have tried vegan cheeses that are being made in Wales by artisanal Welsh cheese makers and can confirm they are phenomenal.

As we continue to add more vegan cheeses we find to the database, they'll automatically appear here and add to the number below automatically.


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Vegan Cheese Makers from Wales

Which brands make their vegan cheese in Wales? You can see below the brands that make their vegan cheeses in Wales.

One brand that is not shown below is that of La Fauxmagerie. They are based in London, England and create their infamous vegan cheeses there, of which you can now buy in Waitrose.

But the founders of La Fauxmagerie, which is the UKs first ever vegan cheese monger, are actually from Wales.

At the moment there are only a few Welsh vegan cheese makers, but they are award winning, make fabulous vegan cheeses that you must try.

How Good is Welsh Vegan Cheese

In the grid of vegan cheeses, you can see each and every cheeses overall rating. If you dig a bit deeper and head to a vegan cheese page, you can see other ratings which people have left for them. These include star ratings on how similar to dairy cheese they are, how good they are to melt, what they are like raw and their overall rating which you can see on this page below each vegan cheese photo.

You can find reviews for each Welsh vegan cheese on their respective pages and even leave a review of your own if you have tried them out.

We have also added awards badges to the vegan cheese that has won an award in any one of our vegan cheese awards. If you see a badge to the top right of a vegan cheese in the grid on cheeses in this article, they've won an award for a specific cheese category.

Here you can see a Pips vegan cheese which won the best herb vegan cheese of 2022 in our annual worldwide vegan cheese awards.

Buying Welsh Vegan Cheese in Store

As well as purchasing directly from vegan cheese makers in Wales, you can also head to local vegan cafes and health food stores where you'll find an abundance of vegan cheeses to choose from, Welsh and British.

Here are just some of the vegan eateries, cafes and shops in Wales we know that sells vegan cheese.

Eating Gorilla in Penrhyndeudraeth

A small vegan cafe in North West Wales and Snowdonia which also sell vegan cheeses made from artisanal makers from around the UK. You can sit in and enjoy their incredible fully vegan menu or you can stop by to pick some cheeses up to take away.

Website for Eating Gorilla

Iwtopia in Aberystwyth

Iwtopia is a deli based in Aberystwyth that sells Welsh vegan cheeses by Pips and other cheese makers. Pop by to stock up or enjoy the deli's home made faux meats, another increidble little vegan shop in mid Wales.

Website for Iwtopia

Karrys Deli in Barry

If you're nearer to the South of Wales, there is Karrys Deli which sells vegan cheese that is made from all over the UK and includes Welsh vegan cheeses.

Website for Karrys Deli

Vegan Goodies Wales in Mid Wales

If you are closer to England and near Mid Wales there is the tiny but fantastic Vegan Goodies Wales.

We've had the fortune of stumbling upon this place a few years ago and they have a fridge section that stocks vegan cheeses.

Facebook for Vegan Goodies Wales

We can't recommend Happy Cow enough and here we have filtered to show vegan eateries, cafes and shops that are in Wales. They may not all have vegan cheese options to buy but a good amount will and it's a great place to start to see where locally has vegan cheese in Wales.


Welsh Inspired Vegan Cheeses

Wales isn't renowned for cheese, more so leeks, castles and dragons, but it does have some known cheese types.

Even so, it does have a few cheese types, such as Caerphilly, which originated in South Wales. We are unaware of anyone making a vegan caerphilly alternative yet but are always on the lookout. 

That doesn't mean there aren't Welsh inspired vegan cheeses and here we look at and share with you a handful of vegan cheeses that are inspired by Wales and created by vegan cheese makers in Wales and further afield.

You can see that some artisans use Wales as an inspiration or even Welsh dishes as an inspiration, such as vegan Welsh Rarebit, which we talked about at the beginning of the article.




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Full List of Vegan Cheese From Wales

Here you can find a full list of amazing vegan cheeses that are made in Wales. We have listed every single one, similar to how our vegan cheese discovery tool works here.

You can see their star rating, what the vegan cheeses look like, who made them and even click through to their product pages to find out more about them.

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