What Happened in 2021? The Cheesiest Vegan News of the Year

what happened in 2021 vegan cheese news

Welcome to our roundup of vegan cheese news from the year 2021, we'll bring up our favourite news highlights within the industry and share with you the best bits below.

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Welcome to our roundup of vegan cheese news from the year 2021, we'll bring up our favourite news highlights within the industry and share with you the best bits below.

We Continue To Build Upon the Largest Directory of Vegan Cheeses Anywhere Online

Our number one aim and focus for the site is to continually update the vegan cheese discovery tool with new cheeses and new ways to find amazing vegan cheeses.

If you don't know, we have built a catalogue of vegan cheese from all over the world that are available to buy online or in shop right now so that you can transition from dairy cheese to the tastier, more compassionate and environmentally friendly alternatives of vegan cheese.

You can find the vegan cheese discovery tool here.

vegan cheese discovery tool find vegan cheese database

There are now 1400 Vegan Cheese's on our website, helping people discover vegan cheese locally wherever they are around the world. That's an increase of 350 on last year. 

In 2019 we had over 350 vegan cheeses to vote on, In 2020, we had just over 1000 vegan cheeses and today, at the time of writing and the end of 2021, we have just under 1350 vegan cheeses in the database, an increase of 1000 vegan cheeses since we launched in late 2019.

A huge thanks goes out to all the hard workers who are making this industry what it is, a compassionate and tasty alternative to dairy cheese.


Vegan Cheese Awards 2021 even bigger than 2020

One fantastic Vegan Cheese Awards this year had over 24 category winners. You can find the overall best vegan cheese in the world as voted on by thousands of vegan cheese lovers!

There are also categories for many different cheese types, so you can head on over to see who won in the worlds first and biggest vegan cheese awards.

Left Coast Culture Nozza Mozza


A Number of Seasonal Cheese's Became All Year Regulars

Quite a few vegan cheeses that started out as a seasonal vegan cheese, became regulars to the menu for vegan cheese makers and it utterly makes sense with the flavour sensations they are.

Two examples are:

A 2020 Christmas delight of pear and ginger cashew based Cascheese from Pip's was such a hit, that in 2021 it continued being beautifully made and it is now a regular you can purchase from their online store. 

Pips Pear and Ginger Vegan Cheese

A 2021 valentine's wonder that is rolled in a tantalising mix of sumac, chilli flakes and rose petals. The Thorny for You Rose Log from I AM NUT OK that was a romantic beauty fitting for a Valentine's vegan cheese board.

It clearly shows love should be all year round and not just one day as it's popularity also made it a regular that you can buy from their online store. 

I AM NUT OK Thorny for You



Major Dairy Cheese Brands Started Making Vegan Cheese

Norselands, Illchester and Applewood brand's were proving a hit with their Applewood Smoky, Ilchester blue and Spicy Mexicana.

The Bel Group lauched their first ever vegan product with Boursin Garlic & Herb which is now being rolled out in many more locations. 

You can find Boursin in many countries throughout Europe and now you'll be able to find a vegan soft and creamy Boursin throughout late 2021 and early 2022 in a supermarket near you.

Boursin Dairy Free Garlic & Herbs

More Likely to Find Vegan Cheese in Every Major Supermarket

Talking about supermarkets, 2021 was a great year for vegan cheese being more main stream throughout supermarkets.

In the UK, while Tesco, Morrisons, Asda, Sainsbury's had been selling own brand vegan cheese for a while, in 2021, Lidl's Vemondo cheese hit off with a great success and Aldi had started on it's Plant Menu range.

Bio Cheese being sold at Woolworths and Cole's Supermarkets in Australia, Good Planet Food wedges in ALDI US and this year Nurishh vegan cheese appeared in French supermarkets too.

You'll find it hard to walk in to a supermarket and not find a vegan cheese in 2022.

Vemondo Cheddar Vegan Cheese

Vegan Cheese Triangles

Speaking of Good Planet Foods being in US ALDI Supermarkets, these special little cheese wedges are recognisable by most, cheese wedges.

They were recently released in late 2021 in the United States and that now means you can take a vegan cheese wedge and triangle with you whenever you need a snack!

Good PLANet Foods Cheese wedges


Vast Improvement of Choice of Vegan Cheese Pizza at Major Pizza Takeaways & Restuarants 

Major Pizza Resturant's and Takeaways upped their game on their vegan options. 

Pizza hut now having 6 vegan pizzas topped with Violife, Dominos also introduced some great new vegan pizza's in Veganuary 2021 and their vegan menu has vastly grown.

We also want to mention Purezza, a vegan pizza restaurant that has expanded in the UK and who have now made it possible for you to enjoy their pizza's and their vegan cheese from the comfort of your home. 

Pizza Hut Vegan Pizza

Miyoko's Win Battle to use Dairy Labels

A promising story in the semantics battle of veganism and animal products.

Miyokos won their battle to use dairy labels on their food products.

It has taken over a year, against the California Department of Food and Agriculture whom wanted Miyokos to drop the terms "butter" and "cruelty-free" from it's labels.

The CDFA has said that those terms are reserved for products that contain 80% milkfat, but these are from labelling standards that were set up over 90 years ago.

“Quite simply, language evolves," is what the judge declared and Miyokos walked away winning the court ruling and opening up the door for more vegan brands to use words, language and labelling that better reflects their food products.


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