Where Are The 2022 Vegan Cheese Awards Winners From

Where Are The 2022 Vegan Cheese Awards Winners From

We have just shared the 2022 vegan cheese awards results showcasing the amazing vegan cheeses from around

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We have just shared the 2022 vegan cheese awards results showcasing the amazing vegan cheeses from around the world which were voted on as winners of their respective categories.

In this article we'd like to break down further the winners and most importantly where each and every vegan cheese is made and their location in the world.

There were a total of 32 category winners this year with over 100+ cheeses voted on in the nominations throughout October.

But where are all of these amazing vegan cheeses being made and produced in the world?



Greece has one of the biggest vegan cheese brands in all of the world, Violife. They also have one of the largest selections of cheese made by a single manufacturer.

And this year, they managed to win two categories and the overall best vegan cheese of the year, with their Greek White.

As well as the Greek White winning overall best vegan cheese of the year, they won two categories, best vegan cheddar and best vegan greek cheese.

You can see all of the amazing vegan cheeses that Violife make on our one of a kind vegan cheese database, we have filtered the database to only show Violife vegan cheeses but you can reset the page and search by your location and much more.


United States

There are a number of vegan cheeses winning category awards in this years awards and they are Nomad Eats, Miyokos and Follow Your Heart.

The US has three vegan cheese makers winning categories this year, a great year for vegan cheese in North America. You can also see other vegan cheeses available in the US here.

Nomad Eats

An artisanal brand from the US, you've probably not heard of them before, they are not as big a name as Miyokos or Follow Your Heart, but none the less, are making amazing award winning vegan cheeses.

Their Mac n Cheeze won the best American vegan cheese in this years awards and you can see their entire range using our vegan cheese database.


You've most likely heard of Miyokos before, one of the largest and longest serving vegan cheese brands in the world. All started with an awesome lady who wanted to pioneer vegan cheese.

This year they won the best vegan mozzarella award with their liquid moz, we definitely recommend you try it out!

Follow Your Heart

Another brand you've probably heard of and tried their cheeses, Follow Your Heart. They have been going for many years and also pioneering vegan foods and this year they were awarded with the best provolone vegan cheese.



One winner from Austria this year, adding to the European vegan cheeses that have won a category award in 2022.


Vbellabio Bellas White Ash won the best ash vegan cheese of the year.

This is the only vegan cheese to win an award from Austria this year.



Spain had a great year with three category winners, winning the best blue, best hard italian sytle and the best pepper cheeses of the year.

Well done Spain!

Nutty Artisan Foods

Nutty Artisan Foods took home the best blue vegan cheese of 2022 with their amazing blue that they make, we can personally vouch for how amazing this cheese is after trying it earlier this yar.


Vheese won a category with their Parmeganno.

They won the best hard italian vegan cheese.

Fermento Vegano

Fermento Vegano won the best pepper vegan cheese of 2022 and a huge congratulations to them for that., rightfully earned.



Another country with three vegan cheese winners, Canada. This makes North America having six vegan cheese category winners for this years awards.

Future of Cheese

Future of Cheese won the best brie vegan cheese. A first award for this vegan food brand, which also makes butters and other vegan foods.


Rawesome Fauxmon Salmon Style Cream Cheese won the best ocean vegan cheese with their salmon flavoured cashew vegan cheese.

Fauxmagerie Zengarry

Fauxmangerie Zengarry wins the best swiss vegan cheese of the year at this years awards.



With the most winners of this years awards their are an incredible 6 category winners.

Honestly Tasty

Honestly Tasty from England have won the best camembert vegan cheese of 2022 with their shamembert, a wonderful vegan cheese that we implore everyone to try.

Happy Mouse

Happy Mouse won the best fruit vegan cheese of the year with their cranberry infused and tofu based whole foods vegan cheese.

Sophies Delight

If you are looking for a vegan halloumi, look no further than Sophies Delight with their Halloushmi which won the best vegan halloumi cheese of the year.


Philadelphia launched their first vegan cheese this year in veganuary and their plant based cream cheese won the best plain vegan cheese of the year.


A second time winner for this award, Applewood won the smoked vegan cheese award for the second time, a favourite in the UK and can be found in most supermarket stores.

Kinda Co

Kinda Co won the best truffle vegan cheese of the year with their Summer Truffle and what a wonderful vegan cheese it is too.



Two category winners from Germany, adding to the winners of amazing vegan cheeses found in Europe.

Janez Cheeze

Janez Cheeze and their floral vegan cheese won best of the year, a beautifully crafted vegan cheese that also looks the part too.


Maybe no surprise to you, Schlagfix once again won this years best mascarpone vegan cheese. This is a staple for us and cooking, we love it, it can be found in most supermarkets in England and the UK and is just a great soft mascarpone vegan cheese.



The land of the mountains and also vegan cheese it seems. Although there is only one category winner from Switzerland, New Roots did win two separate categories.

New Roots

This year they took home 2 category awards, the best ricotta vegan cheese and the best fondue vegan cheese.



A couple of winners from Oceania and Australia showing how good vegan cheese is in the southern hemisphere. If you are from Australia, make sure to check these two vegan cheese makers out.


Noshing took two category awards, winning the best gouda vegan cheese and the best havarti vegan cheese for this years awards.


Dilectio won the best no goats vegan cheese award this year with their chevre.



Wales punching above their weight, a small and amazing country creating some amazing vegan cheeses, below you can see that two vegan cheese makers from Wales from a category award this year.


Pips won the best herb vegan cheese, a cashew based cheese rolled in some beautiful herbs.

Good Carma

We've had the pleasure of trying Good Carma vegan cheeses and there is a reason they won the best vegan cheese topping this year.



All the way from Asia and Japan, Vego Japan are a new winner in this years awards.

Vego Japan

They won the best manchego vegan cheese in this years vegan cheese awards.



For a country so renowned for cheese, they are slow on the uptake of vegan cheese in terms of choice, being the 8th best country in the world for vegan cheese makers and choice.

Never the less, they still make some amazing vegan cheeses that we have had the pleasure of trying.

Petit Veganne

Wins the best mediterranean vegan cheese of 2022 with their bruschetta. A beautiful tasting vegan cheese we had the pleasure of having earlier this year.


A big name in the dairy cheese world, finally released their first vegan cheese and it has won an award on its first year of being launched.

Everyone loves the snack babybel cheeses and the plant based alternative is no different.



Another vegan cheese from Asia which has won a category award, this time from India. A first for this country in the vegan cheese awards.


Kiarra wins the best spiced vegan cheese of 2022 with their zataar infused spiced vegan cheeese.



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