LifeTree Cheese VICOTTA

LifeTree Cheese VICOTTA

Fermentēts Indijas riekstu produkts.

Fermentēts Indijas riekstu produkts.

Vicotta tiek pagatavota izmantojot tradicionālu biezpiena pagatavošanas metodi, kad no piena tiek iegūts receklis, kuram ļauj atsuloties. Tieši šādā veidā tiek iegūta Vicotta, piena vietā tiek izmantots fermentēts Indijas riekstu dzēriens. Vicottai ir ļoti krēmīga tekstūra un maiga garša. Izmantojiet to saldo un sāļo ēdienu pagatavošanā - Tiramīsu, tartes, pastas un citi ēdieni kļūs daudz bagātīgāki garšas ziņā!

Fermented cashew product. Vicotta is made using a traditional curd-making method, where a curd is obtained from the milk, which is allowed to curdle. This is exactly how Vicotta is made, a fermented cashew drink is used instead of milk. Vicotta has a very creamy texture and mild taste. Use it in the preparation of sweet and salty dishes - Tiramisu, tarts, pasta and other dishes will become much richer in terms of taste!

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LifeTree Cheese VICOTTA Ingredients

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What is the main ingredient of LifeTree Cheese VICOTTA? cashew is used as the main ingredient and you can see other ingredients used to make this vegan cheese.

Are vegan cheeses with specific ingredients important to you for health reasons or you need to watch out for ingredients for allergen reasons. Here you can see what allergens or diets are covered dairy free, lactose free.

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Main ingredient
light miso paste
Natural Enzyme
fermentation cultures


Full weight
200 grams

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