Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese Review

Review of the Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese

An innovative result of a collaboration of Applewood and VBites, this is almost the best vegan cheese ever.

The new Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese is a huge hit, in fact there a reports that they are struggling to meet the demands of sales of this yummy cheese.

So we knew we needed to give it a try.

An innovative result of a collaboration of Applewood and VBites, this is almost the best vegan cheese ever.

The new Applewood Smoky Vegan Cheese is a huge hit, in fact there a reports that they are struggling to meet the demands of sales of this yummy cheese.

So we knew we needed to give it a try.


applewood vegan cheese

This is a 200 gram block of smoked vegan cheese made from a tasty mixture of coconut oil, yeast extract, paprika and added smoked flavour and vitamin B12.

Free from dairy, soya, lactose and gluten.

Applewood vegan cheese back

The plastic packaging is fully sealed and not recyclable.

To open the packet you're going to need to slice it open, once you do, you'll get that smoked aroma pouring out, which we have fallen in love with.


applewood vegan cheese open packet





A solid classic mildly yellow block of cheese that on one side of the cheese is a mixture of smoked paprika adding that little pazzazz to the smoked cheese.

It can be neatly removed from the packaging and looks beautifully presented on a cheeseboard.



The applewood vegan cheese has a smokey and paprika aroma to it, unlike some others where you can smell coconut, this is free from that, you get two strong smells, smoke and paprika and they work well together.

The smell is delightfully inviting and if you enjoy the smell of smoked cheese then you'll love this.

It doesn't have a particularly strong or overpowering smell which also makes it great for newcomers to vegan cheese. You might find some that smell earthy or just too "nutty" and unpleasant, they might taste great but sometimes the smell can put you off before you even try.

Applewood have hit the nail on the head, and you want to dive right in as soon as you get a whiff. 



Eaten raw it tastes sooo good, its delicious and has a woody smoked taste and texture.

To the sides of the vegan cheese, they are dusted with paprika.

Applewood use the same smoky flavouring that they use for their dairy cheese they sell.

Even with the red onion in the sandwich below, we could still taste and smell the Applewood very well, it wasn't strong but pleasant and makes for a great sandwich filling.




The applewood smoked vegan cheese has the same texture throughout. It is a semi-hard cheese block that is, smooth, firm and easy to slice. Its texture makes it easy to slice, cut into small chunks or grated.

One of the main reasons this vegan cheese seems to be so popular is the way it melts, it doesn't melt instantly but it does melt and it melts goood, we've added a video at the top to show how it melts.

It retains its strong, tangy flavour when melted which means this is a serious winner in our book.

Although firm, it cuts through easily making slices of around 2 cm height and however thick you like it. It is particularly moorish and you'll find yourself cutting another slice even if you don't have any crackers or chutney to accompany it.

applewood vegan cheese melted sandwich

Popped under the grill the applewood smoky vegan cheese seems to take about 2-3 minutes to melt to the right consistancy. It takes a little longer than dairy cheese to melt and it does mention this on the packet so you are not disappointed.

You also won't feel dissappointed because this is a vegan cheese that really does melt.

When made as part of a grilled vegan cheese sandwich with tomatoes. its lovely to finally see a vegan cheese that starts to spill outside the sandwich once its melted as well as the slices merging together.


This vegan cheese has a long (fridge) shelf life. Bought in March 2020 . Kept in the fridge should easily last and keep its taste and apperance the same till its best before date which is.

Once opened the cheese should be consumed within five days. Which shouldn't be a problem with the choice of dishes this cheese could be used it, you could be eating this a lot given the chance.

It is no recommended to freeze the applewood smoked vegan cheese as it can change the texture of the cheese.


Environmental Credentials

The plastic packaging the cheese comes in can be recycled depending on the rules of your local council. Therefore if you can recycle it just give it a rinse clean before adding to your recycling.

The other issue we have is that Applewood are not a 100% vegan company, they sell dairy and animal based cheeses, which is a shame, so they're environmental impact is pretty poor.

We hope they make the move to 100% vegan cheeses in the future.


The applewood smoked vegan cheese is a delicious, versatile cheese you'll want to buy again and again! It has been well designed, developed and produced.

It is fantastic and best when raw, uncooked and eaten plain, or with crackers or inside a sandwich. It's texture is not waxy like others but it's not cheese like either as it sticks just a tiny bit when melted. 


When raw you get a great taste of paprika and I think this is what makes it a winner. As when you melt this cheese, it holds on to this lovely flavour and melts beautifully.

This is literally the best melted vegan cheese we have had. As you can see in the slow motion video of the Applewood vegan cheese grilled on toast, it is pulled apart and the cheese stretches just like animal based cheese.

I would highly recommend checking out the website specificially for the applewood smoked vegan cheese and recipes including this cheese It really shows the vast array of dishes you can create or make even better with this cheese. Below is a picture from the site of their tasty recipe for vegan cheese scones. Go check it out!

applewood vegan cheese scones


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