I Am Nut OK NEROMINDED Vegan Cheese Review

i am nut ok nerominded vegan cheese review

The I Am Nut OK NEROMINDED is a work of art to behold. Not your average block of cheese, this one is quite special.

The I Am Nut OK NEROMINDED is a work of art to behold. Not your average block of cheese, this one is quite special.

Made from the following wholesome ingredients: cashew nuts, coconut oil, organic miso, nutritional yeast, black truffle oil, wine vinegar, pink himalayan salt, garlic, onion, tapioca, mustard, activated charcoal, lactic acid, cultures

It comes wrapped lovingly in paper with its brand label keeping it all neatly sealed up.




At a first glance you may not think of this as cheese, this depends on how familiar you are with the use of charcoal in vegan cheese making. Not all cheese is yellow and this is a great cheese to open your eyes to the wonderous variety of vegan cheese out there.

 The Nero Minded vegan cheese from I AM NUT OK is quite the head turner. The cheese is bold with its block colour of black dense texture through out that has been dusted beautifully with turmeric on top.

The contrast of the turmeric to the black colour is very pleasing to look at and adds an extra amount of curiosity to cheese tasters awaiting to try this from the vegan cheese platter. 

This is a semi-soft cheese and holds its own when on a serving platter.

At 110g you may think this isn't a large piece of cheese, but looks can be deceiving and you'll find this will go much further than you first think.





Giving the Nero Minded I AM NUT OK vegan cheese a good breathe in, you can straight away detect the truffle which has a delightful earthy tone. It does have a nutty element to it, but it is subtle.

You can also smell ever so slightly of miso and garlic.




At first this vegan cheese packs quite the punch.

The strong combination of truffle, garlic, mustard, miso and onion provide a rich flavour to the cheese, it is pungent but in a good way.

The strong flavour dissapates and becomes less powerful and more balanced leaving you with a very pleasing aftertone in your mouth too.




It has a semi-soft texture, its soft and squidgy to touch yet it is slightly firm. The texture is quite dense but nicely crumbles away when you slice through it. It is not easily grated due to its semi-soft and it will just smush up against the grater.




When grilled on toast, this vegan cheese does not melt but dries out which surprisingly looked and tasted fantastic especially served hot or warm. Parts of the cheese even turned a little brown and crusty adding an extra texture to the grilled cheese.




Mixing the cheese in to a hot mushroom risotto worked out very well. It didn't melt but thinned as it was spread in to the rice and vegetables. Because it is so dark it turned the risotto a creamy grey colour. The taste was fantastic and provided an extra layer of punch to a very simple risotto dish, it also did well at complimenting the mushroom.



It is advised that this vegan cheese is consumed within days of eating and should be stored in the fridge between 3-5C either wrapped well or put into a sealed container inside the fridge. You do have the option to store in the freezer for up to 4 months however it may loose some of its flavour over time.

Environmental Credentials

This cheese comes wrapped delicately in paper, packaging included no plastic.

This cheese was also not internationally shipped.

I Am Nut OK are a completely vegan brand and cheese makers so that helps with their environmental credentials.



The I AM NUT OK NEROMINDED is a unique and special cheese.

From its appearance, to bold and silky taste this cheese will be one of the first to be reached for from the vegan cheese board.

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