I Am Nut OK PapaRica Paprika Vegan Cheese Review

i am nut ok papa rika vegan cheese review

So far this is our favourite I AM NUT OK vegan cheese. We'll get in to exactly why further down, but for now, take a look at how beautifully it cuts.

So far this is our favourite I AM NUT OK vegan cheese. We'll get in to exactly why further down, but for now, take a look at how beautifully it cuts.


The PapaRica vegan cheese uses the following ingredients: cashew nuts, coconut oil, organic miso, nutritional yeast, smoked paprika, wine vinegar, pink himalayan salt, garlic, onion, tapioca, mustard, lactic acid, cultures.



This isn't waxed and there isn't a rind on this cheese, it is light brown and orange with a paprika coating around the outside. The entire cheese is the same throughout and the coating of paprika is the only difference in colour or texture you'll find on the cheese.

The cheese came as a wedge shape so you get to see right inside once you unwrap it from its paper wrapping. which we love. There is a sticker on the outside which tells you what cheese it is, so the packaging gets a thumbs up from us.

At first glance and holding the cheese in my hand, there is a slight oily feel to it and overall the cheese is soft and easy to cut.

The oily feel is very subtle and nothing to write home about, it certainly doesn't come across when tasting the cheese and must have been used sparingly to bind the cheese to it's shape and help it from crumbling.

You can see how easy it is to cut from the video further up.

i am nut ok papa rika


The I Am Nut OK Papa Rika's aroma is strong, slightly pungent but not overbearing, mostly a nutty, earthy and cheesy smell.

If you imagine a more nutty nutritional yeast which smells more earthy you're on the right track. The paprika doesn't come across too strong or maybe we didn't get the outer a good enough sniffing.

For those who like the whole party and enjoy the aroma of their cheeses as well as the taste, you might be a little let down.

i am nut ok papa rika


Definitely our favourite part of this vegan cheese, the flavour of the Papa Rika by I Am Nut OK is very good in our opinion and works well on it's own, with sandwich fillings, on crackers and even on simple flavoured meals.

Its earthy, salty, nutty and moreish, not too strong and very pleasing.

Because it's so moreish you'll find that it might last only one sitting, we were lucky to have bought multiple wedges, otherwise we would have seen it gone in a day.

The earthy tones must come from the nutty mix of cashews and miso used when making it. We absolutely love it, maybe because they use mustard as another ingredient which we are very fond of.

i am nut ok papa rika


The texture is semi-soft to soft, easy to cut and almost like a hard paste when taken out of the fridge. As it sits for longer out of the fridge you might find it easier to cut in to and less like a solid cheese texture and more like a semi-solid paste that is in wedge form.

You can grate it but we found that cutting and spreading to be the best use of the vegan cheese.

i am nut ok papa rika


The finish is superb, a long lasting tasty and moreish, nutty vegan cheese that lingers, very palatable.

It lasts for a long time on the palate after consuming and works well with the simplest of crackers, we love rosemary and salt and pepper crackers to put our vegan cheese on and this PapaRica vegan cheese by I AM NUT OK has a divine finish that we yearn for more.

We can't recommend this plant based cheese enough.

i am nut ok papa rika


If you want simple flavours of a semi-soft plant based cheese that tastes nutty, earthy and has a hint of paprika, you can't go wrong.

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