Left Coast Culture Murieta Muenster Vegan Cheese Review

left coast culture murieta muenster vegan cheese review

This is our in-house review of the Left Coast Culture Murieta Muenster.

This is our in-house review of the Left Coast Culture Murieta Muenster.

Ingredients are: Tapioca flour*, Gluten-free, B12 fortified nutritional yeast, unsweetened soya milk (soya beans, water)*, refined coconut oil*, kappa-carrageenan (red seaweed extract), raw, unfiltered, apple cider vinegar*, pink Himalayan salt*, ground mustard powder, sweet Spanish paprika, natural plant-based seasonings.

Below we cut in to the vegan cheese by Left Coast Culture so you can see what the texture is like and what this soya vegan cheese looks like up close.



The cheese comes as a semi soft wedge.

The cheese is a white, mild cheesy colour, like the Havarti vegan cheese by the same company.

It looks soft and squishy and has a porous appearance to it, and it is coated either side with a layer of smoked paprika, that gives it a delightful contrast in colours.



This cheese has quite the mild cheesy aroma, it smells creamy but only subtly.

There is also a smokiness from the paprika dusting which surrounds it, again, it's subtle.

This is not a rude smelling vegan cheese.



This is a vegan cheese particularly easy to eat, it isn't overpowering or offensive. It has a mild flavour that is enhanced by a little smokiness from the added smoked paprika.



Thisis a texture that is semi soft, it is a little bouncy yet creamy. It has a porous texture which looks beautiful.

One extra great factor about this cheese is that for a semi-soft cheese is melts wonderfully too. It takes a little time to melt but it is worth the wait.


Recommended to be be consumed before the 13th October. The cheese can last a few weeks in the fridge


Environmental Credentials

The cheese is wrapped in paper making the packaging fully recycleable.






This is a mild vegan cheese with a light smokey flavour. It's subtle but creamy nature gives for a delightully easy vegan cheese to eat.

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