Tesco Free From Grated Mozarella Vegan Cheese

Tesco Free From Grated Mozarella Vegan Cheese

Gluten free, coconut oil and oat fibre alternative to Mozzarella, with calcium.

Gluten free, coconut oil and oat fibre alternative to Mozzarella, with calcium.

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Storage type
Location made
Location available
Ingredients composition
Diet and allergens


Main ingredient


Full weight
200 grams
Servings per item
7 servings
Serving weight
30 grams
Calories per serving
94 calories
Calories per 100 grams
313 calories /100grams
Fats per serving
Fats per 100 grams
25.90 g / 100 grams
Fats saturated per serving
6.50 grams
Fats saturated per 100 grams
21.60 grams/100g
Carbohydrates per serving
5.50 grams
Carbohydrates per 100 grams
18.30 grams
Fiber per serving
1.00 grams
Fiber per 100 grams
3.20 grams/100g
Protein per serving
0.00 grams
Protein per 100 grams
0.00 grams/100g
Protein per 100 calories
0.00 grams/100cal
Salt per serving
0.50 grams
Salt per 100 grams
1.60 grams/100g
Sugars per serving
0.00 grams
Sugars per 100 grams
0.00 grams/100g


Vitamin B12 per serving
0.00ug (microgram)
Vitamin B12 per 100 grams
0.00ug (microgram)


Calcium per serving
45.00mg (milligram)
Calcium per 100 grams
150.00mg (milligram)
Potassium per serving
0.00mg (milligram)
Potassium per 100 grams

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