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Introducing 1NESS, a vegan cheese brand that epitomizes the art of plant-based cheesemaking. With a commitment to crafting artisanal vegan cheeses of exceptional quality, 1NESS invites you to savour the taste of pure craftsmanship.

Each cheese is meticulously created using only the finest plant-based ingredients, sourced sustainably and ethically.

From their creamy, tangy spreads to their rich, aged wheels, 1NESS offers a diverse range of delectable flavours and textures that will tantalize your taste buds.

Every bite embodies the essence of their passion for creating plant-based cheeses that are not just a substitute, but an exquisite culinary experience in their own right. Indulge in the world of 1NESS and savour the essence of artisanal vegan cheese like never before.

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