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Only one pack of Delishu will provide you with 58 billion Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, 65 billion S.Thermophilus, and 2 billion  Lactobacillus Acidophilus. These heroes are the main reason for a healthy stomach, good digestion and high immunity. 

A revolution in food – Delishu is one of the richest sources of probiotics in the world with over 130 billion healthy organisms only in one pack. Have we mentioned that it is vegan and all ingredients in Delishu are 100 % organic without lactose and casein –  so there is nothing to stop Delishu’s healthy ingredients to make you healthier and happy.

We created Delishu based on our own revolutionary recipe, handmade and with much love, so that we are sure it is in good hands. Delishu is 100% raw, pure and live product made with only four ingredients, rich in alive and irreplaceable healthy probiotic organisms. Delishu is naturally cultured which makes it tasty and easily digested.

In Delishu you will find more health and no preservatives, thickeners, yeast or soy!

List of plant based and vegan cheeses made by the brand Delishu.

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