Kite Hill

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List of plant based and vegan cheeses made by the brand Kite Hill.

It began with a simple question: Why not use an artisan approach to give plant-based cheeses all the taste, texture, and integrity of dairy varieties?

2008 Founders Unite

Tal Ronnen, Monte Casino, and Pat Brown join forces to create a different kind of plant-based food company.

2014 A New Kind of Cheese

Kite Hill launches its first product line - Soft Fresh and Soft Ripened cheeses - at Whole Foods Market.

2015 Yogurts and Cream Cheese

Kite Hill adds almond milk yogurt and cream cheese-style spread to our offerings.

Today Reaching New Heights

Our growing product line also includes delicious plant-based ricotta, pasta, dips, and even kid-pleasing items.

What's Next

When it comes to our future, the sky’s the limit. Our founding chef is always cooking up something new.

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