List of vegan cheeses which are made by artisan vegan cheese and plant based cheese makers.

We have added a location filter so that you can select the country you are in and see artisan vegan cheeses which are available to buy and enjoy in the country you live in.

Everything you see below is an artisan vegan cheese, made by artisinal cheese makers from all over the world.

We have tried a good few number of these, and we can guarantee that they are just incredible and a completely different world to the vegan cheeses you'll find in major supermarkets.

Most of the supermarket and mass produced vegan cheeses are made of coconut oil and are oil based vegan cheeses. 

Artisan vegan cheese is mostly made of nuts, soy, oats, rice and other whole foods and you just have to try them yourselve's to see how incredible they are.

Where Can You Buy Artisan Vegan Cheese

You'll find most vegan cheeses made by artisan cheese makers available from the actual artisan and potentially from their own websites.

This is because they all make their vegan cheeses by hand and usually in large batches, which become available after a number of weeks, or even months in some cases.

You can also find some of them in local health food and vegan food shops nearby to where the artisinal vegan cheese is made.

If they also sell online, we have linked to where they can get purchased from.

So, what are you waiting for? Select your location and see what artisan vegan cheeses are in your country to buy and enjoy!

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